10 Players to Watch on ObamaCare

• Republicans are wrestling with the difficult task of how to repeal and replace ­ObamaCare.

The party remains divided on many central questions: How long should repeal take? Should the Medicaid expansion be abolished? And should some of the taxes in ­ObamaCare be kept to help pay for a new coverage option?

As President Trump, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) seek to build consensus on the path forward, here are 10 of the biggest players to watch.

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.)

Alexander is helping to lead the Senate’s ­ObamaCare efforts as chairman of the Senate Health Committee. Adopting a pragmatic tone, Alexander has touted the “repair” of ­ObamaCare rather than repeal and called for targeted actions to make the individual market more stable.

“We can repair the individual market, which is a good place to start,” Alexander said at a hearing he held earlier this month.

Alexander has expressed hope about working with Democrats on the issue, but the polarized politics of ­ObamaCare could make that all but impossible. Still, Alexander recently cited a letter from Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) offering to work on improvements to the law.


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.)

Meadows is among those calling for a speedy repeal […]

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Republican senators wrestle with changes to Medicaid

Republican senators who hail from states that expanded Medicaid are meeting about the future of the program as their party moves ahead with the repeal of ObamaCare.

The senators had their first meeting on Wednesday in the office of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who is from a state that expanded Medicaid and whose Republican governor, John Kasich, has been a vocal defender of it.

Asked if the senators were trying to preserve the expansion of Medicaid, Portman told The Hill: “We’re trying to get a sense of where everybody is right now; we’re not decided on anything.”

“We found out, not surprisingly, there are different points of view among senators who are from states that have expanded Medicaid,” he added.

Figuring out what to do with ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid, the government healthcare program focusing on low-income people, is one of the thorniest questions for Republicans as they look to repeal the law.The expansion has provided coverage for about 11 million people in 31 states that accepted the expansion of eligibility. Some of those states have Republican governors who are wary of losing the federal money that came with expansion and having their constituents possibly lose coverage.

Conservatives, though, including the leaders of the […]

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Hospitals in low-income areas could lose billions in ObamaCare repeal: report

A hospital trade group is warning that if ObamaCare is repealed without a replacement, hospitals across the country would lose billions of dollars in funding.

America’s Essential Hospitals (AEH), a trade group that represents hospitals serving low-income communities, released a report Thursday detailing $40.5 billion in potential losses from 2018 through 2026 if congressional Republicans repeal ObamaCare without a comparable replacement.

“These numbers really show what’s at stake for the patients who depend on the doors being open at essential hospitals,” AEH CEO Bruce Siegel said.

“These are unsustainable losses that would jeopardize vital services and access to care in communities across the country.”The $40.5 billion represents coverage lost if the law is repealed, taking with it the Medicaid and Medicare funding that was tied to ObamaCare’s passage.

If Congress passes its repeal legislation from 2015, essential hospitals would still lose $16.8 billion over the same period, according to the report.

AEH suggests lawmakers either replace ObamaCare with a simultaneous, comprehensive replacement or repeal the law’s cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

It’s unclear if Congress intends to restore the funding, but Republican lawmakers intend to pass a repeal bill by spring. That repeal could include elements of a replacement plan.

From The Hill

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